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Peter, an art teacher, felt like his life was falling apart. He was also quite ill and addicted to Cigarets. For years, he’d been searching for evidence that God exists. Researching religions and reading a lot of books. But He hadn’t found anything. He considered evidence. He decided to visit the minister of a church he’d attended for many years. After a few minutes of talking, the minister said, You know, Peter, the Christian scientists have the answers to all of your questions.

Then he said, Take this book and read the chapter on prayer. It’s the best thing that’s ever been written on the subject. That book was Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures, the textbook of Christian Science, written by Mary Baker Eddy. What happened next? Well, you can listen to Peter tell his story at the link below. But spoiler alert, he found the evidence he was looking for.

He also found that his unique talents and abilities were needed. You two have unique abilities and talents that the world needs, and you can feel connected to the great power of good that unites everything harmoniously. Use the links below to hear Peter’s story or get a copy of the book mentioned or read it online. You don’t have to waste another moment feeling lost or confused.

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The writer Hugh Prather made this arresting statement: “Have you ever noticed that the moment you become unhappy is usually the moment you attempt to control another person?”
This reminds me: I was managing an orchestra, and two days before a concert a big storm dropped 2 feet of snow. The owner of the venue’s parking lot refused to commit to plowing the lot before the concert, … and he told me I had no right to have it plowed myself.

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Have you ever thought of your life as a “practice”? Something you get better at every day, just by living?
The author Henry Drummond described the “practice” of life this way. He said, don’t quarrel about your lot in life, or complain about petty things or the people you have to live or work with. Don’t be perplexed or resentful…. because this is your “practice” And it’s causing something beautiful to grow in you.

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Are You Feeling Stressed Out?

“Are you feeling stressed out? One thing that can really help is to know this about yourself – you are hardwired to be spiritual. What does this mean? There’s actually

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What’s the Best Gift Imaginable?

“What’s the best gift imaginable? Something priceless? Or something that improves with time? Maybe it’s something you already have. Maybe the best gift of all, is knowing your own goodness.

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Feelings of Isolation

Do you feel isolated or stuck these days? Here’s something I’ve noticed. When I think of myself as, not just a body, but a spiritual idea, I lose that sense

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