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Events Calendar

Upcoming Events

Events include lectures, book talks, and workshops on Christian Science, and occasional concerts and open houses. Events are free unless a charge is mentioned. (What is a Christian Science lecture?)

List your event here. To submit information on Christian Science lectures and other public events, please fill out this form or email us with the details.

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Video replay: How spiritual perception brings healing

This talk is for people who feel that they are stuck in a limited, material world, with limited prospects, limited resources, and limited health. In contrast to those feelings of limitation, we are children of God and God is spiritual, limitless. Speaker Alexandre Fischer, a practitioner of Christian Science healing from Pau, France, explains that by understanding more clearly our relationship with God, infinite good, we can learn to drop feelings of limitation, end fear, and see a way forward. This talk was presented in

In-person event: Why everyone is needed

McLean Community Center 1234 Ingleside Avenue, McLean, VA

There are universal healing precepts to be found in the Holy Bible which are available for everyone to understand and to experience. In this free talk, James Shepherd, a practitioner of Christian Science healing from Eugene, Oregon, will discuss how we can explore our unbreakable connection to God which gives us purpose and worth by seeing everyone from a more Godlike, spiritual point of view. _______________________________________________________________________ About James Shepherd From James: "God’s love is for everyone, and a Christian Science lecture is a perfect setting

In-person event: Prayer and well-being — a spiritual adventure

Cockeysville Library 9833 Greenside Drive, Cockeysville, Maryland

Are prayer and healing for you? If you have no experience with spirituality or religion, or you’re not even sure what you think about God, can you still pray and be healed? For answers, enjoy this free talk by Nate Frederick, a practitioner of Christian Science healing from Brookline, Massachusetts. More information: 410 746 2910

In-person event: A Spiritual Revolution: The Quest to Experience God

Anne Arundel Public Library (Odenton) 1325 Annapolis Road, Odenton, MD

This talk features Giulia Nesi Tetreau, a Christian healer and teacher from Fairfield, Connecticut. After spending years in the mental health field as a psychotherapist, Ms. Tetreau made the life-changing decision to leave her practice and focus completely on the healing ministry of Christian Science.  She found its revolutionary message of spirituality and health to be the cornerstone of her own life.  In this talk, she will share examples of spiritual healing.  In each case, overcoming fear and learning something of the divine laws of

In-person event: Finding where God is seen and felt — what’s church got to do with it?

First Church of Christ, Scientist [Baltimore] 102 West University Parkway, Baltimore, MD

Have you ever thought about God as goodness? And God’s creation, including you and everyone else, as a natural extension of that goodness? According to Emra Farkas, a practitioner and teacher of Christian Science healing from Santa Fe, New Mexico, there is a direct connection between this foundational way of viewing the world and the idea of church. In this free talk, she discusses the role of church — not just as a building or place, but as a new kind of thinking that reveals