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Have you ever thought of your life as a “practice”?

Something you get better at every day, just by living?

The author Henry Drummond described the “practice” of life this way.

He said, don’t quarrel about your lot in life, or complain about petty things or the people you have to live or work with. Don’t be perplexed or resentful…. because this is your “practice” And it’s causing something beautiful to grow in you.

It’s working in you, bringing out more patience, humility, generosity, unselfishness, and kindness.  

Mary Baker Eddy, a prolific healer, author and teacher, healed every kind of problem because she understood everyone’s nature was actually spiritual and good — and she practiced what she understood.

You can practice being the wonderful and unique spiritual idea you already are, and see your life open up in new ways.

So, stay in the midst of life.  Put yourself right in the stream of life, and don’t run away from obstacles. 

As you practice, knowing who you really are, your thoughts and actions become inspired and energized, and you are a blessing to yourself and others.

You can make this your practice…. gaining a little each day and feeling more peace and joy along the way.

Transcript of video below

Here are some links to articles that share more of these ideas.

The art of spiritualizing thought
It’s time to spiritualize thought.” These words resounded within me as I worked on a complicated professional undertaking that affected many people. Immediately I stopped what I was doing. These words were certainly not the outcome of my professional ruminations, so I could only attribute them to God and His nurturing grace. Calmly, lovingly, they were nudging me to get off the mental treadmill that wasn’t getting me anywhere. To do this I first had to understand why I needed to spiritualize my thought, to see from God’s, Spirit’s, perspective. I found the answer by turning to what I had learned in Christian Science...

Article: A deepened trust, a healing love
Twenty-two years ago, my husband and I welcomed our second child. Our son was born prematurely, and we were told his lungs were not fully developed. He was kept in the hospital for a week to be monitored before we could take him home. When he turned six months, he was diagnosed with asthma … The result of my study and spiritual growth was the recognition that we could trust our son to God’s care. After he turned one year old, we made the decision to rely solely on Christian Science. I continued to work with a practitioner

Article: Spiritually inspired and spontaneous healing
What does it mean to express unfathomable Mind, God? It means thought is unconfined, illimitable, unbounded, and ever expanding. This immeasurable Mind is infinitely vast, without beginning or ending. Mary Baker Eddy, the Founder of Christian Science, writes: “Here let us remember that God is not the Alpha and Omega of man and the universe; He is supreme, infinite, the great forever, the eternal Mind that hath no beginning and no end, no Alpha and no Omega” (The First Church of Christ, Scientist, and Miscellany, p. 267). Without beginning and without end, Mind is continuously unfolding its idea, man, freshly and spontaneously. This forever divine Mind fills all space, and yet is ever expansive. It is unceasingly active ...

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