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Christian Science in the Washington Metro Area

“The time for thinkers has come.”

Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures by Mary Baker Eddy, page vii.

Welcome to Christian Science
in the Washington Metro Area!

Whether you heard about us on the Radio, the Internet or through a friend,
we’ve got lots of Healing Inspiration for you starting right here!

Watch Inspirational Videos

Featured: A Spiritual Activist for Universal Human Rights

Current Talks & Events

View Listings of Christian Science Events & More

Attend Online Church Services

Join an online Church Service on Sundays & Wednesdays

Explore a fresh perspective on practical spirituality. Christian Science.

Connect with your neighbors here in the Washington Metro area at Christian Science churches, Reading Rooms, free public events and talks, as well as with a global online community offering weekly podcasts on how people are finding healing solutions to all sorts of issues..

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YOU are Invited!

Attend Inspiring and Healing Events

Discover the Christian Science events offered throughout the year. Events include lectures, panels, book talks, and workshops.

Connect with a Caring Community

Find a Church Near You

Looking for a local church to participate in spiritual growth and fellowship? Here is a listing of Christian Science churches —branches of the The Mother Church, The First Church of Christ, Scientist, in Boston, Massachusetts. 

Find a Reading Room Near You

A Christian Science Reading Room is a bookstore where you can buy or read the Bible, Bible reference materials, books by Mary Baker Eddy, and the Christian Science Monitor. You can also read and listen to more than 100 years of articles, testimonies, and recordings that give first-hand accounts of physical and moral healing through prayer. You can also speak to someone about Christian Science.

Connect Globally
Listen / Read / Explore

Inspiring Podcasts

Weekly podcasts of people sharing practical healing solutions for all kinds of issues are available.

Inspiration to Lift You Higher

Connect to these resources and discover the limitless nature of your spiritual growth

Thousands have been helped immeasurably. You can be too.