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Guard Against All Kinds of Infection

Humanity has been largely educated to believe that infection begins with a germ. But in metaphysics, one learns that contagion is transmitted in mind, not through matter, and it’s one’s mental conditions that need to be protected and guarded above all else. – Evan Mehlenbacher

Germs, as we know them, are these tiny microscopic things that can make us sick. Sickness can come in may different forms and often manifest themselves beyond our physicality. Fear, selfishness, anger, hatred, greed, apathy, laziness, self-righteousness, pride, self-pity, etc., are all forms of “mortal mind infection” (EM).

When this type of sickness is allowed to run rampant on ones mind, the result can manifest as both mental and physical disease. Therefore, to build a strong physical and emotional defense, it is wise to guard against all types of infection.. How do we do this and strive to stay healthy? Click here to find out how from Evan Mehlenbacher’s Spiritview.