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Get Updates on Events and Talks Here!

Here’s where you can get a quick update of news and events that you may have heard about on the radio, or that you might have seen elsewhere on the internet. Below is our Events Calendar. We hope to see you at one of our Online Talks or Christian Science Lectures!

News Updates

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She was the Discoverer and Founder of Christian Science.
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Events And Talks Calendar

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Online replay: Love Without Limit, Life Without Fear

This free talk explains how prayer to God based on universal spiritual truths results in healing and progress. Anyone can learn to pray this way because all can sense a God who is unconditional Love and eternal Life. Speaker Fujiko Signs is a Christian Science healer and frequent speaker on the topic of prayer. She’ll share stories of healing through prayer that illustrate how the Love that inspired and impelled Jesus’ teachings and healings is still relevant today. Prayers like those bring peace, hope, and

Online replay: The Law of Love

Did you know there is an actual law of Love (LOL) operating in your life and the world? Ancient prophets saw it in action when they turned to God and found freedom from famine, slavery, enemy forces, and even disease. Jesus’ healings were anchored in this law and it is proven today through Christian Science healing. “The Law of Love” is an online talk by Christian Science healer Anne Melville. She will share examples of how even a glimpse of your oneness with God brings

Online replay: Prayer and Well-being — A Spiritual Adventure

If you’re looking for a solid pathway to peace, stability, health, and security, here’s good news. Nate Frederick, a Christian Science healer, will share how the Bible and his own life lessons based on Jesus’ ministry offer a roadmap for transforming one’s experience of life. Learn how you can gain a spiritual perspective — found in the science, or laws, of Christian practice — that brings healing solutions to all the issues of today. Nate will share from his own “wilderness” experience how hopelessness turned

Online replay: A New View of God and Its Effect on Well-Being

Philip Hockley a practitioner of Christian Science healing, shares his life-transforming story. After living for 7 years with a painful spinal injury he was very disheartened. He’d tried every medical and alternative healing method he could find, without relief. Resigned to a life of pain and limitation, he decided to attend a talk on Christian Science and was surprised to find himself leaving the talk healed. “What happened to me at that lecture was truly transformational,“ he said. "Not only was I healed of all

Online event: Angry No More — From Hurt to Health through Forgiveness


Are you seeking to leave behind pain and anger stemming from abuse? Are you hoping to move beyond memories of a sad past to find healing and spiritual growth? Learn how Christian Science addresses emotional, mental, and physical issues related to bullying and abuse in a face-to-face one-hour live web lecture given by Michelle Nanouche, a practitioner and teacher  of Christian Science healing from Paris, France. Her talk shares how Christian Science opens one’s natural ability for peace, forgiveness, restoration, and progress, and will look